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Ghost Aerial Plus Drone (Android Version)

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Overview of Ghost Aerial Plus Drone (Android Version)

Ghost turns the average person into a filmmaker. Capture your adventures with amazing aerial shots!


Ghost is the world’s easiest drone to fly. It is perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike. Help us make drones more accessible to everyone!

Detachable 2D Brushless Camera Mount Gimbal

GHOST Aerial drone comes with a Gimbal so you can take amazing aerial shots. The Gimbal fits all editions of the GoPro and other similar size cameras, and includes an auto-levelling function to ensure smooth and stabilized images.


Capture High Quality Images

Ehang Sports Camera features a high resolution wide angle lens and a Micro SD card to store your recordings.


Easy to fly: one-click commands via your smartphone.

With our smartphone app and a GoPro, you can become an aerial filmmaker. Be the star of your adventures!
There is no bulky RC controller to carry around. You also don’t need a co-pilot, since control is through one-click commands on your phone. Auto-follow mode keeps the camera on you.

ghost aerial drone smartphone control

Advanced Auto Follow

We wanted to improve on the auto-follow that exists now. We have made our auto-follow feature work to let you film yourself. This is super fun, as you can use it for action sports, from trail running and biking, to surfing and snow sports. Our auto-follow will continue to film you as you make turns and change direction, always keeping the camera on you.

Tilt Mode

Like nothing you have ever seen, it revolutionizes the way you control the drone by simply tilting your phone! You can use this feature both outdoors and indoors.

Live Video Stream

You can integrate with a third-party recording monitor to preview your photos and videos as the drone is flying.

ghost aerial drone

SDK Kit For Developer

In case you want to define your own way of flying your Ghost, every shipment comes with an extremely easy-to-use yet powerful and versatile software development kit (Ghost SDK). The Ghost SDK allows you to control your Ghost with commands as high level as “take off,” “fly to xyz,” “loiter” and “land” (and lets Ghost figure out how), or with as low level as setting the spinning speed of the propellers, the inclination of the drone body, or the orientation of the GoPro camera. With the Ghost SDK, you get full control and potential of your Ghost, and even the sky’s NOT the limit any more.


Package Contents

All item you get from the box:

  • Drone (includes prop guard, propellers)
  • 1 x 5400mAh Battery
  • 1 x G-Box
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Gimbal
  • 1 x High-resolution Camera
  • 1 x 16G Storage Card
  • 1 x Landing Gears
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 8 x 2.0 screw
  • 1 x Quick-start Manual, Warranty

Photos of Ghost Aerial Plus Drone (Android Version)


Video of Ghost Aerial Plus Drone (Android Version)

Technical Specifications of Ghost Aerial Plus Drone (Android Version)

Battery TypeXT60 connector 3-cell 11.1v 5.4Ah Lipo
DimensionDiagonal Distance: 360mm
Drone Height: 100mm
Height with Landing Gears: 190mm
Drone Weight (without battery): 650g
OthersPropeller: 8045 3-blade reversible propeller
GPS: uBlox 6 parallely compacted compass
Motor: EHang EH9812 & EH9812R reversible Motor
Gbox(communicator): 2.4GHz 80mw Standard Bluetooth Communicator
Power Consumption : Flight control maximum power 5W (1A@5V);
Flight control rated power: 1.5W (300mA@5V);
Operating Environment Temperature: -15°C to +70°C
Operation : Smartphone operated
Hover Accuracy: vertical:±0.5m horizontal:±0.5m
Wind Resistance < 10.7m/s


Untuk pemesanan silahkan hubungi :
Email :
Ponsel : 085299755110 / 08114444683
Pin BB : 5754864D [Sales]

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Untuk memudahkan anda silahkan gunakan fitur Live Chat pada website ini [saat kami sedang online chat] atau menghubungi via HP/BB terlebih dahulu.

contoh Invoice resmi pesanan barang yang kami kirimkan melalui

contoh Invoice resmi pesanan barang yang kami kirimkan melalui

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