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Vidonn X6 SmartBand

Harga : Rp 661.900 (di luar ongkir)

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Garansi : 3 Bulan

Overview of Vidonn X6 SmartBand

Thinner, More Delicate, More Powerful


The Vidonn X6 is the newest smart bracelet. Tracking your activity, sleep and showing notifications with up to 15 days of operating time on one charge!

Vidonn X6 Smart bracelet, perfect companion

The Vidonn X6 is a powerful activity tracker with an OLED screen to show you your latest notifications. The activity tracker tracks your movement throughout the entire day and comes with a whopping 15 days of standby time. The app that comes with the smart bracelet is not only able to track your movement and sleep, but it also lets you set goals and encourages you to meet these goals. It’s a whole new way of staying fit and it’s the perfect companion for those who have and want an active lifestyle.

Like working out in the rain but afraid your Vidonn X6 smartband might die? Don’t worry, as the smartband comes with IP65 certification meaning it’s safe to use in a dusty environment or in the rain. It’s splash proof and build to resist.

Caller ID & Message Notification Display

Never miss your call and message. Incoming caller & message notification display, check caller ID, SMS, Twitter, Skype, etc just by simple hand raising.


Long Battery Life / Low Battery Prompt

15 days of standby life, bracelet and apps will indicate low battery when it is less than 10%.


0.88inc Golden Ratio OLED

To-the-point 0.88in OLDED screen for message watch.


Real Next-to-skin Wearing without Down Weight Felling

Only 20g in whole Ultra-slim host device with only 12mm thickness.


vidonn x6 smartband 6
Easy and Simple Use Experiencing

Wireless sync data with both Android & iOS smartphones personal data. Clear and clarity tendency, data chart of day, month and year clear at a glance sharing and compete with family and friends. Add and keep a watchful eye on your family and friends, never being alone. Compete with each other to hit the sports target!

Splashes Waterproof

Seamless design in whole by ultrasonic technology joint melting for enchanced waterproof.


Upgraded Motion Algorithm Version

Elaborated data collection records a sports datum per 2 minutes.


Exercise Monitor

Accurate and professional exercise report with data recording every two minutes, it can save seven days data.


Smart Sleep Monitoring / Silent Alarm Clock

Slept well last night? Automatically detect sleep quality. Intelligently judge sleep status, total sleeping time, deep sleep, light sleep, active and being conscious.


Easy Touch Key Operation

Simple operation by laying a finger on.


Vidonn X6 Smartband specifications
  • Caller ID, SMS, Facebook and Twitter alerts on screen
  • All day and night activity and sleep tracking
  • Silent alarms
  • Touch key
  • 88” inch OLED screen
  • Extremely energy efficient, up to 15 days of standby
  • Seamless app integration
  • Automatic OTA firmware upgrades
  • Bluetooth 4.0 synchronization with smartphone
  • Compatible with IOS 7 and higher or Android 4.3 and higher

The Vidonn X6 is the perfect companion for those with an active lifestyle. It’s a very durable bracelet and is able to make you meet your goals. The smartband is easy to operate and the app is easy to work with. The app is available for free download. This sports band is probably the best in the market at the moment. And for a price this low there isn’t any real competition yet.


Set goals and challenge your friends with the complementary app that you can download free of charge. Monitor your progress and see yourself get fitter and healthier. You won’t have to do it alone anymore, your friends are here to help you, and you are here to help them. This also makes the Vidonn X6 a perfect present, as you can both have fun with it!

Package Contents

All item you get from the box:

  • 1 x Vidonn X6 Smartband
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Charge Wire
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  • vidonn-x6-smartband-4
  • Vidonn-X6-SmartBand-waterproof
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  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-240
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-241
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-244
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-3
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-248
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-8
  • vidonn-x6-smartband
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-1
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-243
  • vidonn x6 smartband 6
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-249
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-242
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-black-247
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-9(1)
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-10
  • vidonn-x6-smartband-banner

Video of Vidonn X6 SmartBand

Technical Specifications of Vidonn X6 SmartBand

Dimension Band Diameter: 60mm
LCD Thick: 9.5mm


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contoh Invoice resmi pesanan barang yang kami kirimkan melalui

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